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Avatar Design Contest

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The avatar design contest encouraged HISD schools to design unique concepts for the avatars in the game. These concepts created by HISD students...

New Century Energy

What it is...

The New Century Energy Game delivers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based content to 8th–10th grade students through an engaging and fun gameplay vehicle. The game conveys science and math concepts by using computer game simulation of current and future energy sources and realities allowing students to create their own energy solutions onto the future. Students team-up (up to four players per computer) to create their new energy venture.

Use This Site to Get Ahead of the Game...

This site is designed to help you win the game! That's right, this site has been constructed with the needed information that will give you the extra edge over the competition. Simply navigate the "Energy" section of this site to learn more about the operation of the plants in the game. This extra knowledge will increase your ability to answer questions and help you to succeed.