About New Century Energy

What is New Century Energy

New Century Energy is an immersive engaging educational game, where players must build an energy company that meets the needs of cities throughtout the U.S. To meet these demands, players perform research to improve their company. The research performed helps the player to answer the questions during the game and improve the energy output of a power plant which they created.

What Grade is This For?

New Century Energy provides a transformative learning experience recommended for 6th through 10th grade students.

Why Should I Use This Product

New Century Energy offers an educational yet entertaining experience for players. The complexity of the game pushes students to seek out content knowledge in order to advance. Constructed with educator inputs, the game is a constructivist project-bases learning and transformative tool for inquiry.

Game Play

New Century Energy is an educational strategy game. Gameplay consists primarily of building power plants to provide energy to cities throughtout the United States. Players must strategicly place their power plants in order to effectively meet the energy demand of the city. To improve their power plants players perform research that will allow allow them to upgrade their power plants to improve energy output, boost maintenance, and reduce pollution.


Create your company, logo, and avatar. With plenty of options you can create a unique company and board members.


Education is the major focus when it comes to New Century Energy. Players perform research to improve their energy company. These research lessons provide information about the different energy types used in the game. Players answer questions from each lesson, which affect the efficiency of power plants. Based on NAEP guidelines for basic, proficient, and expert levels, lessons and questions lead players to gameplay decisions that require an understanding of physics, chemistry, earth science, and math concepts.


Advisors ask questions to reinforce lessons. These questions relate to research lessons that the players have explored.