This area of the site is dedicated to assisting teachers in the management of players and educational material in the game. By logging into the Administrative Console, teachers can set up their classes. They can also stay up to date with their students' gameplay progress as well as their educational proficiency. The Lessons provided are identical to those found in the game and cover eight topics, ranging from basic science to the different sources of energy. A mapping of the lessons to the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills is also provided.

Student Surveys

Students should be encouraged to complete the student surveys. The input received is critical to our research on the impact New Century Energy has on STEM objectives. The Science Attitude Survey should be completed prior to the start of the game. The Assessment Test survey should be completed both Pre and Post game completion. Surveys may be accessed under the Student tab on this site.

Getting Started

Teachers new to the Admininstrative Console can watch the instructional video to learn how to get started.